Looking for a master's thesis project? Check out the list of projects. Read more about the DIS group at CWI.

Master’s students in HCI, AI, Cognitive (Neuro-)science and/or (Interaction) Design Engineering across any Dutch university / institute are welcome to apply.

You will be doing a scientific internship with us here in Amsterdam at CWI as part of your master’s thesis project. Stipend possible provided your current GPA is greater or equal to 8. We strongly encourage publishing at top-tier conference venues (e.g., CHI, UbiComp, ...), and will mentor you as such. If a topic interests you, get in touch, and I will share more detailed information. Also, you're welcome to propose your own topic, so long as it’s within the broad areas of HCI, Affective Computing, AR/VR/MR, or human-centered AI.

Current students

  • 2023+: Xin Sun (Visiting PhD student - University of Amsterdam) || Exploring LLMs and Trust for Health Behavior Change
  • 2024: Shu Wei (Visiting PhD student - University of Oxford) || Internship || Context-aware facial expressions for virtual humans for VR mental health therapy
  • 2024: Ofelya Aliyeva (Msc Social Psychology - University of Amsterdam) || Internship || Voice AI trust perception in news consumption
  • 2024: Chenge (Matteo) Tang (Msc ndustrial Design - TU Delft) || Deception in Haptics
  • 2024: Mark Kruijthoff (Msc Industrial Design - TU Delft) || Enriching pneumatic feedback with vibrotactile actuation
  • 2024: Zohrab Sarabian (Msc Industrial Design - TU Eindhoven) || Social VR Support for Individuals with Dementia
  • 2023+: Renske Bootsma (Msc Human-Computer Interaction - Utrecht Uni) || Biomusic for Empathy Facilitation
  • 2023+: Andreas Vogl (Bsc Media Informatics - LMU Munich) || Social Audio Spaces
  • 2023+: Lian Wu (Msc Artifical Intelligence - TU Delft) || Characterizing Physiological Responses Toward Human and AI-generated True and Fake News