Looking for a master's thesis project? Check out the list of projects. or check out the DIS group's thesis projects page.

Master’s students in HCI, AI, Cognitive (Neuro-)science and/or (Interaction) Design Engineering across any Dutch university / institute are welcome to apply.

You will be doing a scientific internship with us here in Amsterdam at CWI as part of your master’s thesis project. Stipend possible provided your current GPA is greater or equal to 8. We strongly encourage publishing at top-tier conference venues (e.g., CHI, UbiComp, ...), and will mentor you as such. If a topic interests you, do get in touch, and I will share more detailed information. Also, you're welcome to propose your own topic, so long as it’s within the broad areas of HCI, Affective Computing, AR/VR/MR, or AI.

Current students

  • 2019+: Tong Xue (Visiting PhD student - Beijing Institute of Technology) || Investigating Continuous Emotion Annotation Techniques for Video Watching in 360 HMD-based Virtual Reality
  • 2018+: Tianyi Zhang (PhD student - CWI / TU Delft) || Fine-grained Emotion Recognition for Video Watching using Physiological Signals
  • 2022+: Simone Ooms (Msc Industrial Design- TU/e) || Internship || Haptic stimulation of News Videos
  • 2022+: Rayna Ney (Msc Cognitive Science - UvA) || Internship || Interoception in XR

Past students