Looking for a master's thesis project? Check out the list of projects. or check out the DIS group's thesis projects page.

Master’s students in HCI, AI, Cognitive (Neuro-)science and/or (Interaction) Design Engineering across any Dutch university / institute are welcome to apply.

You will be doing a scientific internship with us here in Amsterdam at CWI as part of your master’s thesis project. We strongly encourage publishing at top-tier conference venues (e.g., CHI, UbiComp, ...), and will mentor you as such. If a topic interests you, do get in touch, and I will share more detailed information. Also, you're welcome to propose your own topic, so long as it’s within the broad areas of HCI, Affective Computing, AR/VR/MR, or AI.

Current students

  • 2019+: Tong Xue (Visiting PhD student - Beijing Institute of Technology) || Investigating Continuous Emotion Annotation Techniques for Video Watching in 360 HMD-based Virtual Reality
  • 2018+: Tianyi Zhang (PhD student - CWI / TU Delft) || Fine-grained Emotion Recognition for Video Watching using Physiological Signals
  • 2022+: Simone Ooms (Msc Industrial Design- TU/e) || Internship || Haptic stimulation of News Videos
  • 2022+: Rayna Ney (Msc Cognitive Science - UvA) || Internship || Interoception in XR
  • 2021+: Shalvi Palande (Msc Interaction Technology - TU Twente) || Designing and Evaluating Wearable Visual and Vibrotactile Displays for Collocated Breathing Synchronization

Past students