Abdallah El Ali

I am a human-computer interaction (HCI) researcher with a background in Cognitive Science. I am a tenure-track researcher at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), within the Distributed & Interactive Systems (DIS) group.

I'm currently leading research efforts within the Ubiquitious & Affective Computing group . Previously, I did my Postdoc at the HCI Oldenburg lab, part of the Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems group at the University of Oldenburg / OFFIS (Germany). I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), working at the Information and Language Processing Systems (ILPS) group.

My research falls at the intersection of HCI and Affective Computing. Specifically, my focus is on usable and effective emotion elicitation, sensing, and annotation techniques across environments (VR/AR, mobile, wearables), with the end goal of further understanding human behavior and emotion.

M.Sc. student at a Dutch uni interested in HCI, AI, and/or IxD? Contact me.

   - Will continue to serve as board member (co-Treasurer) for CHI Nederland
   - CHI 2021 LBW on HM/EM and emotion self-reports accepted
   - Will serve as ISS 2021 Tutorials co-chair
   - Sensors paper on fine-grained emotion recognition for video watching accepted
   - Will serve as AC for CHI 2021 LBW track
   - CHI 2021 paper RCEA-360VR accepted
   - We are organizing the 2nd (virtual) edition of MEEC WS (May 9, 2021) and #empathicCHI WS (May 8, 2021) for CHI 2021
   - Paper (w/ Souneil Park et al.) that explores relationship between urban mobility and segregation accepted to CEUS
   - AIVR demo on continuous emotion annotation tool for 360 VR accepted